Wednesday, July 29, 2015

AKB48 41th Single 'Halloween night'

Hello again! It's been less than 5 hours and I'm already here! 

It's because just after I did my first post, AKB's new single covers and it's promotional picture came out! 

First of all, the promotional picture:

And here you have all the covers:

Limited ver.

 Normal ver.

I love the covers and the promotional picture, really. I was really disappointed with their covers in Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai, but I understood because the PV and it's director were really expensive, so I really wasn't expecting great covers this time. And then, this appears. I really really like them. I prefer the limited edition covers, I love things that shine with glitter. Both the background colors and titles are really good too, and fit the concept of those covers.
I also do like the Normal covers, the effects they put on them, as the promotional picture, are amazing. 
I guess I'm going to have a hard time choosing which type to buy, and I'm sure I will end with 2 types... And I must say that I'm really happy that Milky appears as the 'center' in the Type D cover~

I'm really going to have trouble to choose the types I want... but all the covers are amazing so for sure, I will enjoy both cds and covers~

There's an unofficial 'Halloween night' preview and some screenshots that have been released today too. Watch the Preview PV before they take it down!

All in all, I'm really happy the concept that AKB is having, so happy and different! I'm excited to see the PV already!

This is has been all! See you next time~

Get to know a little bit about Moshi!

Hello~ This is my firt post in this page and although I already know nobody is going to read this (at least for now) there has to be a beginning, right?

It's been a long time since I wanted to open this kind of blog, mainly to write about AKB48 and 48Groups. I don't know exactly what I'm going to do, some pv's reviews or drama reviews, my personal opinion on each new pv the release, unboxings of new AKB merch that arrives, etc. Sincerely,I just wanted to open a blog to post everything I want about AKB.

I go by the name of 'Moshi', obviously, that's not my real name, but I find it really cute and it remembers me of Mocchi, Kuramochi Asuka.
First of all, a short introduction about myself, myself as an AKB wota.
I started following AKB when they released Sayonara Crawl. I know, I've been in this fandom only about 2 years? I also know I haven't been in the golden era of AKB, but I still consider myself a good fan... The time you've been in the fandom, meh, it doesn't really matter, if you love them. But, sincerely, although I liked a lot Sayonara Crawl and Koisuru Fortune Cookie, it wasn't until Mae Shika Mukanee that I became a real fan. It was then, when I really started learning all the names, searching, listening to all their songs, learning about them, etc. It wasn't because I really liked Mae Shika, I don't really listen to it either, but in that moment something changed and somehow, I wanted to know more about AKB, growing to love them more and more, and that's how I'm actually here!

I must confess that AKB is actually my favourite group, winning over all the K-pop groups which I once thought that where my favourites (there are some that I still really like, but can't compare to AKB). They have a special and amazing feeling that only they achieved to give me, but, that's another and long story, so I will talk about that later, someday.

About my oshis and all that. I consider myself a big fan of first gens. Yes, I entered the group when almost all these gens were gone, but for me, they're the ones I like the most and the ones I will always respect. I'm also a big fan of 9th gen and of the original Team 4. I'm a Team K oshi, although I really like Team A too. My Kami-oshi is Tomochin, and my actual oshi (who I think someday will be my Kami) is Paruru, yes, the Salty kid.
Other girls that I really like are Milky, Kitarie, Mariyagi, Mocchi, Annin, Kawaei, Umechan, Akarin, Abemaru, Aamin, Tomu, Takamina, etc. 

And I think this is all I have to say for now about me. I don't know about what I'm going to write next, but I'm sure i'll try to post something soon.

Goodbye, and thanks if anyone is reading me